Thursday, December 12, 2013

Home is Where the Heart Is (Or stomach, in my case) ;)

So I don't know how your family celebrates the Holidays, but as a New Mexican when I think of Christmas I think of homes and business beautifully lit up with farolitos.

I also think of food (but who doesn't right?) Being a New Mexican transplanted in Las Vegas (Nevada not New Mexico, because if I was in New Mexico I wouldn't be having this problem.. ) you can not find authentic New Mexican food --Not to be confused with MEXICAN food they are two totally different things. We native New Mexicans are very particular about our food.  

During the holidays we often make our favorite traditional New Mexican dishes. My two favorite are biscochitos and tamales. Everyone I know either thinks their families or their own recipes are best ;)  Many recipes are passed on from generation to generation. My family wasn't so lucky, my grandmother wasn't one of those little old viejitas who baked cookies and steamed tamales. Don't get me wrong my grandma was an amazing cook, however I can't recall her ever baking during the holidays. My sister and I would venture over to my Auntie's house to bake biscochitos with her and we once attempted tamales with our mother ( they didn't turn out very well.)

A few years back I found the perfect biscochito recipe, and have since made it my own. One day I plan on passing down the recipe to my children and grand children. 

As for tamales this year my husband begged me to attempt them. I was a bit nervous since my last attempt did not go so good...

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